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  • When is the best time to visit?
    In the Amazon we have different landscapes throughout the year, depending on whether the river is full or dry. In both periods it is beautiful and has specific characteristics. Between March and August is the time when the river is full. It has fewer beaches, but the abundance of water is a spectacle, with the igapós (flooded forest) being the ideal setting for a canoe ride through the treetops. Between September and February is the dry river season, when we don't have the igapó, but we have beautiful white sand beaches that are only available at that time.
  • Does it rain a lot?
    Rain is a characteristic and spectacle of the Amazon, as well as being fundamental for the balance of the climate. Rains are usually temporary and do not interfere with the program, even when it is their season (November to January). Between August and October it doesn't rain, and the heat is more intense.
  • Got a lot of insects?
    The Rio Negro region is known for having the fewest insects in the entire Amazon. This is due to the water, which is very acidic and prevents the proliferation of mosquitoes. They do exist, but it's not usually a problem. We offer natural repellents during the trip.
  • How is the hosting?
    The accommodation is made in a hostel in the community, with all the structure to provide a comfortable stay. All rooms are private suites and equipped with air conditioning. There is no electric shower, and it is usually not needed, as it is quite hot. The inn has a restaurant overlooking the river, with a cozy atmosphere for meals.
  • Children pay?
    Children up to 5 years and 11 months are free. Between 5 and 11 years old pay half. From 12 years old, pay the full amount.
  • Has the Community been vaccinated against COVID-19?
    Yes, our community was considered a priority for involving traditional riverine peoples, and all people involved in activities and services have already been vaccinated.
  • Do I need any vaccinations to go?
    There is no vaccination requirement to enter the Amazon. We have not had cases of yellow fever or malaria in our region for many years.
  • Can I change my travel schedule?
    Yes, if you want to take a tour that is not in your package, we can check availability.
  • What is included?
    Our packages already include accommodation, all meals and all the tours described, in addition to round trip transportation from Manaus by speedboat (only the weekend package does not include transportation).
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