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Feel at home on the Amazon 

  Stay in a cozy and comfortable inn, enjoying delicious food and the hospitality of a community that loves to welcome.


Accommodation is already included in the packages and takes place in comfortable private suites, accommodating up to five people and equipped with air conditioning. The inn has its own restaurant, overlooking the river and spacious and airy environments.  

Meals are also included in the packages, they take place in  buffet system, with regional and fresh ingredients - the delicious Amazonian fish is the flagship. We are prepared to serve the vegetarian and vegan public, just let us know ;)

The hospitality of the riverside people is something that crosses  generations . Here we say that receiving is "giving a coat", offering warmth and coziness. We want you to feel at home and be part of our family.

Our  accommodations  are held at our community inn, which has five rooms.  available. All are private suites, equipped with air conditioning and a fan.  It will be a pleasure to receive you and we will take care of everything so that you can enjoy days  incredible  with us.

The inn has its own restaurant, overlooking the river and a spacious and airy environment. Meals are also included and are  performed  in system  buffet. Nádia and the kitchen team use fresh, local ingredients - delicious Amazonian fish are the mainstay (in addition to Nádia's amazing pumpkin beans). We are prepared to serve vegetarians and vegans, just let us know ;)

Rio Negro

Pousada do Garrido - Comunidade Tumbira
Casa Igarapé - Comunidade Tumbira - 02 quartos, capacidade 06 pessoas
Casa Tumbira - 02 quartos, capacidade 07 pessoas
Pousada Vista Rio Negro- Comunidade Santa Helena do Inglês
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Presidente Figueiredo

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The best options for you to make the trip of your dreams in the Amazon. The packages offer accommodation, all meals, transportation to and from Manaus and all tours. You don't have to worry about anything else! 

Mulher em uma canoa olhando o rio
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 Our facilities offer you security, space and comfort, the ideal environment to receive you, your friends or family. We are also prepared to receive small children!

Regional ingredients and a lot of whimsy make food an attraction in itself. You will try typical fruits, delicious fish, vegetarian and vegan options. All meals are already included in our packages

Our team is trained and follows biosafety protocols to prevent COVID-19. All members of our community over the age of 18 have been vaccinated.  

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